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Stress management

Are you finding it difficult to manage stress?

Clinical hypnotherapy can teach you to harness the power of your mind. You will be able to relax, cope with stressors, and change your attitudes and beliefs about stress. Through the relaxing state of focused concentration that is attained through hypnotherapy, you can learn new responses to old stressors, to help you achieve a healthy balance in your life.

Utilising various relaxation techniques you will focus on positive affirmations and you will learn how to develop new neural pathways in your mind to ensure levels of stress are reduced. These affirmations will help you feel more in control of your  stress and anxiety.

Techniques are taught that can also be utilised outside of the sessions and provide you with solutions to override your old responses. The more these new habits are carried out the quicker the stress is relieved.

Each session is individually tailored to ensure there is a positive result.

For a free, no obligation, confidential consultation telephone Helen on 01922 631077

Manage stress
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