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Performance Anxiety

Whether it’s on stage, in a board room, on a sports field, in an exam room or at a job interview, performance anxiety is an absolute nuisance. You’ve learned your lines, you know your subject, you’ve trained hard, revised thoroughly and written down everything you might want to say – then at the last minute, that little bubble of normal anxiety turns into a balloon full of jelly and explodes insides you, leaving you feeling confused, full of dread and self-doubt, with a wobbly speaking voice and no energy……does that sound familiar?

Mild anxiety is quite normal. It helps give us the push to prepare for interviews, study for exams and prepare for presentations and interviews.  It also keeps us safe whilst trying new activities or indeed if we are in a truly dangerous environment.    We feel a bit anxious for a while and then once any threat or new situation is over, the anxiety fades away.   When anxiety doesn’t come and go but starts to escalate and become an everyday occurrence, it can start to affect us physically as well as mentally. We can feel tired, overwhelmed, angry and frustrated and we often start to feel anxious about being anxious. Irrational anxiety like this may have just crept up on you or it might have started with an event (which you may or not be aware of).

Using your powerful imagination combined with effective hypnosis/NLP techniques, I can give you the tools you need to enable you to fully focus and perform at your best every time, feeling motivated, confident and ready to tackle any situation.  You may always have ‘butterflies’ before your performance – even professional presenters can have butterflies- but I will teach you how to control those butterflies so you will soon be performing or presenting calmly, confidently and enjoyably – exactly as you would like to.

I usually suggest at least two sessions to make lasting and positive changes.

For a free, no obligation, confidential consultation telephone

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